Waterloo Teams Up with Bestselling Cookbook Author Jessie James Decker to Celebrate Launch of New Everyday Flavors


Waterloo Sparkling Water today announced the newest addition to its lineup, Raspberry Nectarine. This new-flavor launch coincides with the everyday return of Tropical Fruit, now available year-round after high consumer demand during its limited time offering last summer. In addition, the brand is announcing expanded distribution of perennial favorite Summer Berry. To celebrate the launch, Waterloo has teamed up with New York Times bestselling cookbook author, country singer and lifestyle expert Jessie James Decker to create three exclusive recipes inspired by and infused with each of the flavors.

Waterloo’s all-new flavor, Raspberry Nectarine, is tart, sweet and luscious – a uniquely dazzling and refreshing combination. Raspberry Nectarine ranked at the top of the brand’s consumer research for multiple years, so Waterloo’s Innovation Team knew it had a flavor-combo craving to satisfy. After 30 iterations of nuancing feisty Raspberry with soft-spoken Nectarine, these flavors shine in a full-out multisensorial experience. The bright berry aroma with stone fruit undertones hits right away. Then, the tangy Raspberry lights up the palate on first sip, with the soft Nectarine coming in for a smooth finish. This perfectly balanced flavor can be enjoyed anytime – straight from a chilled can or in surprising new recipes.

As fans will recall, Waterloo’s Tropical Fruit is a sunshine-y medley of citrus and summer fruit flavors – a bright, nostalgic blend that brings forward memories of crashing waves and outdoor adventures all year round. The brand’s Summer Berry flavor was inspired by a perfectly ripened mixed berry salad at a 4th of July block party – refreshingly bright, flavorful and aromatic in any season.

“As a longtime fan, I am so excited to partner with Waterloo Sparkling Water,” says Jessie James Decker. “Waterloo Sparkling Water has always been my go-to for a flavorful everyday drink. The brand’s approach to custom-crafting authentic flavors inspired me to experiment with these flavors in the kitchen. I can’t wait for the world to recreate these dishes at home – they have quickly become my family’s new favorites!” 

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Jessie to celebrate the launch of our newest flavor Raspberry Nectarine, the everyday return of fan-favorite Tropical Fruit, and broader on-shelf availability of Summer Berry,” says Kathy Maurella, CMO at Waterloo Sparkling Water. “Crafting authentic, full-out flavors that taste like they are supposed to is at the heart of the brand – our flavor artistry makes us unique. With two bestselling cookbooks to her name, Jessie also knows how to bring full flavor to life, and we’re thrilled with the recipes she created with our flavors. Our success with innovations continues to drive sales and bring more consumers into our brand, as we retain our hold on the highest household penetration growth of any core competitor.”

In collaboration with Waterloo Sparkling Water, Jessie’s exclusive recipes are both inspired by and infused with Waterloo Raspberry Nectarine, Tropical Fruit and Summer Berry, and were designed for consumers to easily recreate at home. Recipes from Jessie include:

For those looking for more ways to enjoy Waterloo’s latest all-new offering, the brand has also crafted three fun and flavorful mocktail recipes featuring Raspberry Nectarine: Berry Nectarine Martini, Raspberry Nectarine Dream, and Razzy Nectar Rickey. These are joined by new recipes for Tropical Fruit and Summer Berry enthusiasts—the Tropical Jalapeno Limeade and the Summer Berry Quick Shrub.

Like all Waterloo varieties, these flavors are free of calories, sugar, and sweeteners. All flavors are made with Non-GMO Project Verified natural flavors and purified carbonated water, bringing forward uniquely authentic taste and aroma for an overall refreshing experience that supports active and healthy lifestyles.

Waterloo Raspberry Nectarine and Tropical Fruit have begun rolling onto shelves nationwide with assortments that vary by retailer, including at Target, Kroger, Walmart, Whole Foods, Amazon, Meijer, HEB, Central Market, select Costco regions, Walgreens, Hy-Vee, GoPuff, Jewel and many more. Waterloo Summer Berry is adding Kroger, Whole Foods, Walgreens, select Albertsons Safeway divisions and more to its list of retailers with year-round availability.