Summer Berry Quick Shrub

Summer Berry Quick Shrub
Swoon to a sweet berry cloud nine in this classic combo featuring Waterloo Summer Berry and a zing of fermented strawberry and pineapple juice.


4 oz Waterloo Summer Berry Sparkling Water
1 oz Pineapple Juice
½ tsp Strawberry Fruit Vinegar
Garnish: Kiwi Slice, Celery Slice, Currants and Oregano Sprig



Add ice to a glass. Pour in pineapple juice, then strawberry vinegar, and mix. Top with Waterloo Summer Berry.


Garnish detail: Rim half of the glass with crushed freeze-dried strawberries. Place flat celery slice on top of glass, and arrange a half kiwi slice, currants and oregano sprig.


Mixologist Tips

For a happy hour version, add 1 oz tequila.

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