BTS Dry January Mocktail Mondays


To kick off the new year, we’re excited to share a new collection of artfully created Waterloo-inspired mocktails – whether you’re mixing up your routine by trying a Dry January or just want to up your mocktail game.

Each week we’ll be revealing the behind-the-scenes artistry involved in creating a final stunning recipe photo showcasing all the taste appeal it deserves. From backdrops to lighting to garnishes and more, we are sharing expert tips and practiced tricks from professional photographer Francine and Food Stylist Sunny.

All of our latest recipes offer a range of delicious options with uniquely refreshing Waterloo flavors mixed with interesting ingredients to help wind up the fun or power down and chill.

First up in series of five, we introduce yummy and indulgent Strawberry Cardamom Lassi yogurt-based smoothie with Waterloo Strawberry. Come with us on set to see how this special mocktail is showcased with tasty food styling.

Our Midnight Soother made with Waterloo Blackberry Lemonade is equal parts delicious and beautiful, thanks to professional lighting tricks.

With our signature Waterloo Black Cherry flavor and artful garnishing, our Refined Manhattan is showcased in all its glory.

Mix up Peachy Keen with fresh, ripe Waterloo Peach and have fun making juice ice cubes in different shapes.

Recipe development for Ginger Citrus Go-Getter was an interesting creative journey brought together perfectly with Waterloo Ginger Citrus Twist.

Channel your inner mixologist with these fantastic new recipes. Enjoy!