Our Story

We’re an independently minded and independently owned sparkling water company. Our passion for sparking moments of “wow” with authentic, custom-created flavors sets us apart.

Our Origin

Waterloo was founded in 2017 with an unwavering commitment to create better-tasting, better-for-you sparkling waters that support a healthy, active lifestyle. We formed a team of people who have worked together on previous ventures, ready to challenge the status quo again.
As an organization, we define leadership as having the courage to think differently and to act in order to make a positive impact on our business and community. These values are central to our culture and our rockstar team.
Jason CEO
Savoring pleasures in life, big or small. Our fans do what they uniquely do to enjoy active, healthy lifestyles – and bring Waterloo along to make every moment a little more joyous. Our passion for flavor nuance makes us the perfect partner.
Kathy CMO
We are obsessed with crafting the best sparkling waters on the planet – multi-sensorial flavor experiences of aroma, taste and mouthfeel from start to finish. To support the ongoing success of our innovations, we have built an expert operations team and supply network.
Brandon COO
We offer a unique, differentiated sparkling water in the marketplace. With strong growth above the category, successful new flavor launches and continued distribution expansion, our fans and retailer partners agree.
Brian CRO
We move with purpose and speed in this large and competitive category. Our team, which has built CPG companies before, is focused on driving growth and brand value with products that are just better than any others out there.
David CFO


We know the decisions we make every day can make a difference. From the start, we have focused on sustainability. Our water is filtered and manufactured in zero waste plants, packaged in recyclable aluminum cans from 70% recycled material, and actively managed to reduce miles in transit – on average just one day from plant to retailer shelf.

And, whether we are implementing an allowance for employees to support struggling local businesses across the country or donating to first responders wherever they may be, we do what we do because it’s the right thing to do.
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