Razzy Nectar Rickey

Razzy Nectar Rickey
In this sassy modern spin on an old-time standard, our Raspberry Nectarine beautifully compliments fresh cucumber and a kiss of clementine juice.


4 oz Waterloo Raspberry Nectarine Sparkling Water
1 oz Apple Juice
1 tsp Clementine juice
1 Cucumber Slice
Garnish: Cucumber Curl and Ice Cubes with Edible Flowers, Berries and Herbs



In advance, place herbs and/or edible flowers in an ice tray, fill with water and freeze. Muddle one slice of cucumber in the bottom of your glass. Add ice, apple juice and clementine juice. Top with Waterloo Raspberry Nectarine then swirl.


Garnish detail: Top with cucumber curl, edible flowers along with ice made with edible flowers, berries and herbs.


Mixologist Tips

To spike it, add 1 oz gin.

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