Berry Nectarine Martini

Berry Nectarine Martini
Shake up game night with some playful sophistication and Waterloo Raspberry Nectarine in this redefined classic.


4 oz Waterloo Raspberry Nectarine Sparkling Water
½ tsp Blueberry Preserves
⅛ tsp Rosewater
1/16 tsp (3 shakes) Citrus Bitters
Garnish: Blackberries and Honeydew Slice



In a shaker add blueberry preserves, rosewater, and 2 oz Waterloo Raspberry Nectarine. Add ice and swirl with the lid off, to let off some carbonation pressure. Then cap and shake. Pour mixture into an up glass. Top with an additional 2 oz Waterloo Raspberry Nectarine and citrus bitters.


Garnish detail: Top with a skewer of 4 frozen blackberries and honeydew slice.


Mixologist Tips

For a cocktail, add 1 oz gin to the shaker.

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