Waterloo Raspberry Nectarine Satisfies the Craving for Sweet, Tart, and Juicy


From a simple sipper to a colorful cocktail, Waterloo Sparkling Water is more than a splash of bubbles to add to the glass’s effervescence. With the new Waterloo Raspberry Nectarine flavor, the sweet, tart, and juicy taste has many people exploring their culinary creativity.

Certain flavors are often paired together. Berries and citrus are a common. The combination of sweet and tart satisfies. Sometimes stone fruits are paired with berries to highlight their juiciness. While these ingredients can be found on the plate, they can be found together in a beverages, too.

With the new Waterloo Raspberry Nectarine, the sparkling water flavor is different from other options in the category. While it has that clean, crisp flavor that people expect from the brand, it is more nuanced than other offerings. It hits both flavors, satisfies, and excites people to keep a case ready for all the spring and summer parties.

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