Pi-Ño Colada

Bright and beachy anytime. A refreshing tropical blend of ripe pineapple, toasted coconut and the essence of sweet dark spirits for an out-of-this-world Pi-Ño Colada mocktail experience. All the flavor, no alcohol.
Nutritional Information

Tropical Perfection

Nostalgic and beloved – the pina colada flavor takes you straight to a sunny beach with a salty breeze. We had our work cut out for us to deliver on this complex cocktail flavor. Never fear! First, we landed on a blend of pineapple flavors as a base of sweetness to build from. Next, coconut. We tried many – the winner was a toasted variety that carried its own hint of sweetness and balanced the overall flavor profile. Then, we experimented with undertones of rum, ultimately landing on the perfect tropical mocktail blend — our Pi-Ño Colada, without any alcohol.
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