Catch Me by the Pool

If an impromptu pool party broke out — right here, right now — would you be ready? If you have Waterloo Watermelon, you’re already on your way. Sip different with this delightfully fruity recipe.

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Waterloo Watermelon Sparkling Water
¾ oz Fresh Lemon Juice
½ oz Simple Syrup
3 Fresh Strawberries
5 Mint Leaves
1 Slice Watermelon (garnish)
1 Sprig Mint (garnish)


In a shaker, muddle strawberries and mint. Then add lemon juice, simple syrup and ice. Shake well and strain over crushed ice. Top with Waterloo Watermelon and garnish with fresh watermelon slice and mint sprig.

Bartender's Tip

Add 2 oz Gin