Orange Cream Fizz

A one-of-a-kind treat, this frosty combo of our Waterloo Orange Vanilla and coco-creamy mango is a refreshing and modern take on a long-time favorite.



Waterloo Orange Vanilla Sparkling Water  
½ cup Coconut Cream 
¼ cup Mango puree  
Orange Slice 


In a blender, whip together the coconut cream until smooth and frothy.  Fill a glass with ice and pour mango puree and Waterloo Orange Vanilla into glass, gently stir. Slowly pour coconut cream on top so it floats.  Finish with an orange slice. 

Mixologist Tips


  • If stronger is your preference, add 1 ½ oz vodka 
  • To sweeten it up, add a splash of simple syrup when blending the coconut cream