Black Cherry Nightcap

Black Cherry Nightcap
This calm, cool and dreamy mocktail featuring our Black Cherry is a flavorful way to power down from a busy day.


6 oz Waterloo Black Cherry Sparkling Water
1 tsp Magnesium Powder
1 oz Pomegranate Juice
Freeze-Dried Mixed Berries
Granulated Sweetener
Fresh Rosemary Sprig



Crush freeze-dried berries and mix with granulated sweetener or sugar on a small plate. Dip a medium size glass in a shallow dish of water or juice to wet the rim, then dip the glass in your berry-sweetner mixture. Add magnesium powder and pomegranate juice to glass, mix well to dissolve magnesium. Add ice and top with Waterloo Black Cherry. Garnish with rosemary.


Mixologist Tips

Get creative with how to cool your drink – try adding freeze-dried berries in ice or make pomegranate juice ice cubes.

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