Michelin-Starred Chef Curtis Stone Shares an Unexpected $4 Ingredient He Loves Cooking With


If you’re going to take kitchen advice from anyone, let it be Michelin-starred chef Curtis Stone.

The restaurateur and internationally known chef recently catered the SAG Awards for the second year in a row and has been dubbed Waterloo’s very first “Honorary Flavor Artist,” to name a few of his latest achievements. Now, Curtis is sharing all of his kitchen essentials with E!, and his recommendations are quite the treat. From Japanese and German steel knives to the $4 sparkling water he incorporates in his recipes, Curtis’ kitchen must-have’s are perfect for anyone and everyone.

“An inexpensive and unexpected ingredient I love using in my recipes is sparkling water,” Curtis shares. “Waterloo Sparkling Water has incredible flavors that are not only perfect for sipping while I cook, but also add a pop of flavor and texture to my recipes. I recently created this Ginger Citrus Fish & Chips, which has Waterloo’s new Ginger Citrus Twist flavor that gives a hint of ginger citrus notes to the batter, while also creating a crispier coating for the fish.”

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