Curtis Stone Took Us On A Tasting Journey Of Waterloo's New Flavors


Plenty of cocktails get the star-studded chef treatment at this point, and now Waterloo Sparking Water has brought that same level of culinary beverage artistry to its purified sparkling water flavors. Not only does the growing beverage company employ a team of flavor artists to make sure the drinks have authentic, natural, and vivid flavors, but Waterloo has recently teamed up with Michelin-starred celebrity chef Curtis Stone to add a special touch to the company’s two new flavors released earlier this month.

The newest sparkling water flavors include Orange Vanilla and Ginger Citrus Twist, both a little more intricate than some of the flavors the company has released since it launched in 2017. To illustrate just how dynamic the sparkling water flavors can be, Waterloo hosted a special tasting event in New York City complete with hand-crafted cocktails and mocktails, and a menu cooked by Stone and his team. The menu included three dishes that actually use Waterloo sparkling water as an ingredient in the dishes, not just as inspiration.

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