Consumption & Storage

  • Enjoy ice-cold! Our flavor team crafted Waterloo to be served chilled, so we recommend refrigerating before popping the tab. It will be worth the wait! Beyond that – there are countless ways to enjoy your Waterloo. Waterloo is delightful on its own, with fresh fruit or juice added, or as an ingredient in your favorite cocktail. For other serving suggestions and recommendations, check out our Instagram and Pinterest.

  • Our bigger, brighter bubble sets Waterloo apart. This means our product is carbonated a bit more than others and should not be exposed to warm temperatures. Here in Austin, TX we are no strangers to the heat! Even at only 85 degrees F outside (which happens year round in our town), in just 10 minutes the temperature inside your car can rise to 104 F. For this reason, we always bring our Waterloo inside immediately after purchasing and store the cases at room temperature or refrigerated. If your cans do get warm, don’t worry! But do make sure to refrigerate before enjoying.

  • Waterloo is available nationwide. You can find Waterloo at a store near you using our Find Some store locator OR Shop Now to purchase online. Waterloo is also available for home delivery on Amazon Prime Now, Instacart and Shipt.

  • Our can lining meets Waterloo’s very high standards and is free of BPA.

Flavor & Ingredients

  • All Waterloo’s natural flavor ingredients are derived from non-GMO, vegan sources. Oils, extracts, or essences from the named fruit (or fruits) on each variety are paired with complementary flavors to build our unique, bold taste profile. Using these powerful extracts and oils allows us to pack a lot of flavor without any sugar, sweeteners, or other unwanted additives.

  • Before carbonation and canning, our water undergoes a multi-step filtration process to ensure a pure product for you. Our water is free of fluoride, sodium, and other additives/impurities before we add our flavors and carbonate.

    The water used in Waterloo is sourced regionally. We do this so that we can reduce our carbon footprint – our aim is to never have to transport more than 500 miles from point of origin to customer.

  • Yes, Waterloo is free of major allergens – including wheat, nuts, and dairy. Our sparkling waters do not contain any soy, MSG, or artificial ingredients. Waterloo is also certified Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, Vegan, and Kosher, as well as Whole30 Approved.

  • Waterloo is caffeine-free – just purified sparkling water and natural flavors.

  • The pH of Waterloo varies by flavor. All our sparkling waters are less acidic than traditional soft drinks and juices, with the added benefit of no sugar, sweeteners, coloring, or artificial ingredients.