Passion Guava Coconut Whip

A dreamy pleasure that whispers beach vacation with every sip. Whipped coconut and Waterloo Passion Fruit deliver an island inspired refreshment.

Passion Guava Coconut Whip_127049597_732x440


Waterloo Passion Fruit Sparkling Water
½ cup Coconut Milk
¼ tsp Orange Zest
2oz Guava Juice
Orange Slice


In a blender, whip together the coconut milk with orange zest until smooth and frothy.  Fill a glass with ice and pour guava juice and ½ can of Waterloo Passion Fruit into glass. Slowly pour orange coconut mixture on top so it floats. Garnish with an orange slice.

Mixologist Tips

  • If stronger is your preference, add 1 ½ oz light rum
  • To sweeten it up, add a splash of orange juice or simple syrup